About Us

Who we are?

Since TVB Group of Companies establishment in 1991, the company has strived to be The Very Best in each of the business sectors the company has chosen to compete in. TVB Group of Companies operates across many business sectors that specialize in travel, marketing, hospitality and other service to our end customers. The luxury 5 Star Haathi Gainda Safari Lodge in India is the result of our hospitality experience over the last 25 years.

The Haathi Gainda Safari Lodge being built Manas National Park India s a UNESCO Natural World Heritage Site (A Project Tiger and Elephant Reserve)

Where we place?

Situated in the North East of India the Manas National Park is positioned right on the Indian and Bhutan border. 50% of the park lies in India the other 50% in Bhutan. This spectacular park has everything you could ask for in a world class flora and founa sanctuary. It has all the large animals from, Elephant, Rhino, Tiger, Leopard, Water Buffalo and many variety of deer as well as a largest and varied population of tree monkeys in India, including the Golden Langur which are only found in Manas. Also with 450 different species of local and migrating birds it is a renowned bird watchers paradise.

The Flora and park landscape is breathtaking. Situated on the border of India and Bhutans Himalayan foothills, the park has a mixture of flat grasslands, savannah forest, dense Indian jungle and Himalayan mountains. The Park also has major rivers running through it from the top in the Himalayan mountains through to the jungle and flat grasslands on the Indian side.


For visitors the Haathi Gainda Safari Lodge and Manas National park can view the park and wild animals in their natural surroundings via Jeep Safari, Elephant Back Safari and River Safari’s.

The Haathi Gainda Safari lodge is planned to open in January 2016. It is the first 5 Star Luxury accommodation lodge to be built at Manas. The lodge has 5 deluxe chalets, 4 master chalets and 2 double story suites.